Help for animals in Bulgaria

The laws for the protection of animals in Bulgaria unfortunately are not observed! There is a Zoo Police, but it is ineffective based on our daily interaction with them!

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The 112 hotline is also not effective in helping animals. Police, fire brigade, Emergency Aid and Prevention and all other institutions do not provide assistance as it should be under the Law on Distressed Animals!

The police often process our complaints and signals with the evidence provided by us (videos, photos, etc.), but the prosecutor’s office terminates them for unfounded reasons or because more evidence is sought in the case! We have sent many letters to the President and Prime Minister of Bulgaria with a request for a meeting, but to no avail!

We organized over six protests for this reason! We have sought assistance from the municipalities to provide a place to set up as a rescue centre and shelter, but so far we have not received such assistance! We have a program to deal with the population and the problem of stray animals on the street, which we provided to the Sofia Municipality, but again without results for implementation with their help! We have made a proposal to amend the Criminal Code in relation to Article 325 in order to enter into force effective sentences for atrocities against vertebrates!

Article 78 is now being taken into account, which exempts with a fine and probation a crime of cruelty to an animal! Our struggle is entirely related to having working Laws, working Zoo Police, working institutions to help endangered animals, as well as a working hotline to help animals in need (hit, sick, abandoned)! For several years we have been seriously fighting for the realization of all this, but the government is neglecting these problems.

Who are we ?

Help for animals in Bulgaria

M & M Animal Help in Bulgaria has been registered for almost three years. Its main purpose is to help animals in need, sick and abandoned by their owners. For the time we are through

registered, we have gained great popularity considering how effective we are in our help. For the animals we have taken over, we support ourselves entirely from donations to our registered bank account. With them we pay all the costs at the clinics for the animals in need of emergency veterinary care.

We are looking for sponsors to help us buy a place to set up a rescue centre and shelter to help animals in need, while they find a forever home. We also want to set up our own clinic with a hospital and available doctors to take care of the animals (castration, vaccines and all necessary manipulations). 

For the time we have been registered, we have rescued hundreds of  animals!


  • M & M was established and registered for the sole purpose of helping animals in need;
  • M & M has acquired almost all the necessary consumables to help an endangered animal;
  • M & M organization is not focused on collecting donations, but mainly fights for working laws and punishments for perpetrators of atrocities, which is the basis of everything we do;
  • M & M has five registered protests in less than a year, aimed at working laws and penalties for perpetrators of atrocities, as well as control over the inhumane treatment of institutions dealing with the population;
  • M & M responds to most signals received by telephone or message only if it has the resources and assistance from its followers;
  • M & M organization is not able to assist to all the signals  due to the fact that it does not have its own clinic and has limited funds;
  • M & M has a registered bank account as well as registration with Econt and these are the only ways they can be helped;
  • M & M provides full transparency of revenues and expenditures both to its donors and in the annual financial reports to the State.

The Idea

We at M&M and Animal Friends aim to build a modern animal shelter, which will have a veterinary clinic to serve all injured animals. We are planning a veterinary shop, an animal hotel, an animal training school, where all pet parents will have the opportunity to receive all the services for their Pet.

We have an idea to establish a ZOO police in the centre, which will respond to emergency calls and signals.

We want to start a whole new concept and behaviour of people towards animals. This is a mission that we pursue passionately and with great love for every four-legged creature.

Thank you all for your love and support!

Help us with a donation

All funds will be used for the project.

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